Tips to Fight Summer Allergies

Summer is a wonderful time to get out and soak up the sun, unless you’re one of millions who suffer from seasonal allergies. Between the pollen, smog, and mould, this time of year can be as perilous as it is beautiful. Luckily, there are some things you can do to stop allergies from ruining your good time.

Try Antihistamines

This is the old standby for allergy sufferers everywhere, for a good reason too! Antihistamine allergy pills reduce or block histamines, the chemicals your body produces when it comes into contact with irritants like pollen or dust. While antihistamines fight most symptoms, your doctor may recommend a decongestant for more stubborn stuffy noses. Some tablets already combine both types for double allergy fighting power.

Improve Allergen Awareness

Before you step foot outside, check the allergen levels in the air. You can do this by visiting the National Pollen Forecast website (, or checking your local news. For more personalized allergy alerts try an app such as WebMD Allergy ( On high or very high days for your specific allergens be sure to take your meds and avoid too much outside exposure.

Take off your Shoes

When you walk inside your shoes drag in pollen, dirt, and other nasty particles too. Leave your footwear at the door to minimize trailing outside irritants all over your home, office, or any indoor space you plan to spend a lot of time in.

Filter your Air

Despite your best efforts, allergens can still find their way into your house. If you’re suffering indoors, consider setting up an air purifier. You’ll want one with a HEPA filter and at least a 350 clean air delivery rate. Another bonus to using a HEPA filter? It traps other unhealthy microbes and even viruses!

Avoid Perilous Produce

Who doesn’t enjoy some nice in-season fruit? You, if you have seasonal pollen allergens. When we think of pollen we usually picture flowers bursting with dusty particles. But pollen affects some of our favourite foods too. Fruit, especially apples and melons, cause cross-reaction in those with certain pollen allergies. Pay attention to your symptoms if you consume fruits or vegetables, if they get worse avoid those foods for the season.

Wash Frequently

Washing your hands is a great way to keep away germs as well as allergens. Avoid rubbing your eyes, nose, or mouth. If you spend extended time outside, change your clothes and wash your hair as soon as possible. Allergens cling to fabric and hair, so the longer you wait the more severe your symptoms can become.

Erase the Doubt

The sad truth is you can be allergic to more than just one irritant. If your efforts to beat summer allergies still leave you sneezing and sniffling, consider getting an allergy test. Typically tested on the skin or through blood typing, a specialist can determine which common allergens affect you most. This makes it easier to develop a treatment that will work more accurately than playing the guessing game.

Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

We look forward all winter long to the sunny summer days only to find ourselves sweltering and gasping for shade when the blazing heat hits.  Working too hard or not staying cool enough can lead you to tire more easily, sweat profusely, and sometimes can even lead to dangerous medical complications.  Summer can be such a wonderful season; we’ve got some great tips on how you can beat the summer heat and make the most of these bright, beautiful days.

Labour early or late

Avoid doing yard work or exercising during the mid day or early afternoon as this will prove to be the hottest part of a summer day. If you’re sticking to a regular exercise routine, get up just a bit earlier to fit in your workout before you head to the office, or wait until evening when the temperature is likely to have dropped again.  Exercising or doing yard work during sweltering temperatures won’t be your most productive times anyway, so wait until the heat is more tolerable before committing to any hard labour.

Dress accordingly

If you’re not comfortable or if your workplace isn’t shorts and tank top friendly, you can still beat the heat wearing summer appropriate clothing. Cotton and linen are both great choices for fabric during the hot months of the year, and opting for looser fitting clothing will also help with air movement.  Hats will help to provide you with your own portable shade, and keeping long hair tied back will keep the bulk of it off your neck.

Drink it all in

Keep water handy and make sure you’re drinking enough.  For a special treat, pop your water bottle into the freezer and grab one each time you head outside.  There’s nothing more refreshing than a super cold drink of water during the summer months.  You can also dress plain water up a bit with sprigs of mint or a splash of lime juice.

Hop in the shower

If you’re handy to one, take advantage of the feeling you’ll get stepping out from a nice cool shower or bath.  If you don’t have access during the day or don’t have enough time to grab a shower during your lunch break, a spritz bottle with cold water can be a wonderful refresher for your face and neck.   Just be sure to keep a cloth or paper towel handy to dab.

Eat right

A change in your diet can also help you to stay cool.  Instead of cooking heavy meals that are so wonderful during the colder times of year, stick to fresh veggies, fruit, and lighter meals.  Pasta can be dressed with shredded basil, bocconcini, some cherry tomatoes and a drizzle of balsamic reduction instead of pasta sauce.  Salads can be spruced up with fruit, goat cheese and a variety of fruit syrup and vinegar dressings.  Lighter, smaller meals and snacks can help keep the kitchen work to a minimum and help keep the heat levels low.